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I warmly celebrate the renewal by FAMI-QS (site inspection certification)

Published:2015-04-29 Source:Kingvit Author:administrator

   August 12, 2013 to 13, the Swiss SGS (SGS) under CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd. Qingdao Branch Auditor visit my company FAMI-QS certification renewal application compliance checking. Document review and on-site viewing by way Ningxiajinwei Pharmaceutical Co., vitamin B12 feed additive (1%) of the production process, quality control and material usage were examined. The auditor in accordance with FAMI-QS standards, Jin management responsibility, resource management, product realization, system assessment, control of nonconforming product, management commitment, regulatory requirements, traceability, HACCP application, product complaints and recalls carried out comprehensive and detailed examination, and the procurement of materials, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, transportation to control the whole process a rigorous review.

   By Jin company's management system system, independent and impartial review, the Swiss SGS SGS confirmed the gold-dimensional company's production in line feed additives FAMI-QS standards, to effectively implement FAMI-QS standard plan, and achieve established goals. Swiss SGS (SGS Société Générale be Surveillance Holding SA) is engaged in inspection, testing, quality assurance and certification of well-known international organizations. FAMI-QS (European Feed Additives and pre-mixed feed quality system) is on feed additives and premix producers EU practices, FAMI-QS certification is a mandatory certification for entry into the EU of animal feed additives and pre-mixed feed undertaken in universally recognized across the EU. After approval by the certification body, as FAMI-QS members, related products can enter the EU continue to be sold or in the EU market.

  The scene by FAMI-QS Certification (renewal) examination, for my company to continue to better develop the European market and lay a solid foundation, but also the quality of our products recognized by the international community to prove. In the future development, the company holds "with wisdom innovation, creating value with action," business philosophy to continue to provide customers with high quality products and high standards of service.