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I warmly celebrate the end of Vitamin B12 product Jewish (Kosher) certified perfect

Published:2015-04-29 Source:Kingvit Author:administrator

        March 1, 2011, the company received the Quality Assurance Rabbi from kosher certification agency, Martin Grunberg vitamin B12 for our products for the Jewish certification, July 1, 2011, the company successfully received Kosher certification agencies Send to the Kosher certificate. August 4, 2011, Mr. Grunberg vitamin B12 for our products were reviewed.

        Kosher The word comes from the Hebrew, means "just right", after the idea was: "According to Jewish dietary regulations concocted net food" that is "kosher." Consumers believe that eating "kosher products" to their health benefits and their family members through the "kosher" products very reassuring, because the product through a high standard of testing. So kosher certification by providing our products are exported to foreign countries and gain customer recognition is very important. Kosher Certified by hand can make my company has a broader international market, the development of more potential customers, it also reflects the high quality of our products and VB12 I paid special attention to health products. But it also reflects the company "Blessed life, sharing health" business Zunzhi and "with wisdom innovation, value creation philosophy with action."

       During the Kosher certification review Mr. Grunberg check our list of all the raw materials supply and check on suppliers of raw materials, packaging, specifications and use of such areas.

       Subsequently, Mr. Grunberg visited our workshop, asked the production process related issues, and visited our finished product warehouse. Lovely friendly foreign friends who spoke to our post unfamiliar but full of friendly foreign-type "Hello" greeting. The workers did not seem nervous and shy of rude reply section.

        The audit, Mr. Grunberg very satisfied and very happy, he said that we have advanced laboratory instruments and equipment, and some of the key steps we have some control, this production is very important to us and said that the vitamin B12 product recognition.

        The audit, success and hope that we can work harder, work together to create greater benefits for the development of our company vitamin B12 series of products.