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Division I celebrate obtained HALAL certificate and certified by the OU-site inspection

Published:2015-04-29 Source:Kingvit Author:administrator

   June 14, 2013 European Jewish Orthodox Union vitamin B12 for our production processes and materials usage on-site inspection, the use of international advanced inspection methods and techniques in the inspection process but also for my company made good suggestions. We have now completed the review stage of the certificate. At the same time, HALAL certified company declared synchronization has also been completed and on July 10 made a HALAL certificate.

    By OU certification and HALAL certification for our company to successfully enter the Southeast Asian market and lay a solid foundation, but also to make the quality of our products is recognized by the international community, we believe that in the future I will still offer high quality products and services to our end customers We will gradually put my company's product sales to the international market.