Vitamin B12 Feed

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Address:The New Chemical Materials Park (Zone B) of Ningdong Chemical and Energy Industrial Base Ningxia China

Vitamin B12 Feed Additive
Standard : GB/T9841-2006 Export Standard
Specification: 1% 5%
Packing: 20kg/carton 25kg/drum
Carrier: Corn starch, Calcium Carbonate
Character: Pale red powder, easy to absorb moisture
1.Promote livestock and poultry generated, used as feed additive of livestock and poultry nutrition.
2.Growth retardation, low transformed efficiency of feed. Pellagra, infectious dermatitis, poor fledging.
3.Low rate of incubation, high rate of dead embryos. Breeding difficulty of sows .It can meet the need for VB12 of fish and shrimp, prevent from deficiency in VB12 and from irritability, enhance disease-resistant ability, facilitate the transformation of nutrient in feed, and improve growth rate, survival rate and reproduction rate.
Shelf life: 2 years